March 30, 2012


a movie i would like to dedicate to the 2 of the best idiots of the world. My wonderful girls, Chatarina Shelda and Clarissa. You know sometimes girls just gotta do what the gotta do (:

an obvious amateur

the short movie me and my team made for the 'Short Movie Competition' at Artistic Technopreneur event last month. Proud to announce that the movie won the 3rd place. Would like to say that I'm really proud for the best team work ever. Sit back, relax and enjoy (:

and the behind the scenes documentary

March 28, 2012

a peek to the past and a step forward

March 27th,

loved the day for getting kisses from mom and dad, brother and sister and wonderful wishes from my girls and friends. Finally turned 16 yesterday. God am I blessed. It was school night so didn't have the chance to hang out late and celebrate with my friends like I'd love to, but I already did have something planned out for next week.
I was printing out some pictures and found myself looking through the ones from my birthday, which was exactly a year ago. Boy, did time fly. I decided to take a brief moment with myself, looking back to the girl I was and will never be again. I mean, I'm still me, just hopefully more mature and not as young.

Finally to say, thank you for those warm wishes and may blessings eternally be with you. It's been a year full of roller-coaster rides with all the ups and downs. But hey that's life and those imperfections are exactly what made us the person we are today. Last but not least, wishing myself a joyful and fabulous year ahead and to live life to the fullest. Happy sweet 16 to self! :)

March 27, 2012

Mum's the word.

aloha aloha!

Have been abandoning this blog for several months. Pardon me a million. I haven't gotten much free time lately, IGCSE is just around the corner and we have been getting mock-up tests, tryouts and assignments regularly. I'm all zonked out and simply sick of school already. Might as well have my Cambridge exam tomorrow and swiftly be over with it.
First thing first, glad to be back. Won't be much promising to be updating the blog frequently but simply will try my best. Have a fabulous week!

January 27, 2012

days are half manicured

olla my darls.

short story, my business teacher entered me to the Artistic Technopreneur competition which will be hold on last week of February at Living World mall Alam Sutra. I was chosen to be the group leader and will represent my school by directing a creative movie clip. We only have exactly 1 week away from the deadline due to a disorganized communication between us and the management department, so we didn't get the notice earlier. i will be busy like crap as i will be directing slash recording slash filming slash editing the whole movie not to mention taking parts in the piano instrument of the background music. to top it off, i got the whole chores i missed during the vacation stacked up waiting to be done. 

now time for the good news. Cambridge has recently released our results from the winter examinations where I had taken my Indonesian as Foreign Language IGCSE-O Level. I couldn't stop smiling for myself as the results appeared. never underestimate yourself after all.

i'll write soon after the whole disasters are over. have a fabulous week, cheers.

p.s. in absolute need of lucks

January 23, 2012

sun-kissed skin

first thing first, happy chinese new year and may the dragon brings us prosperous year ahead.

i've been so occupied with vacations lately, which is great. first to Jogja with my friends last week which turned out to be awesome and now currently spending my last 2 days in Bali (remind me to post some pics later). I got extended permit for my vacation and even thinking about school makes me sick. Bali has always amazed me with its cultures, views, beaches, and the friendly locals. Would love to say more but mom's gonna hijack the computer sooner or later. talk to you soon darls.