July 21, 2009

me, the 8 graders :)

so today was my first day of school as 8 graders :) i was kinda scared to meet some new teachers, new friends, and else.i thought tht i won't be in a class with clarissa and shelda well, but i'm so excited to tell that i am! my new classmates aren't so bad, except tht disgusting person named tacul yeaaa i'm totally sick of him! there are also some of new teachers, they're all nice actually but some of them are a little weird and made me LOL'ed so hard :D
and i couldn't wait to tell you about the rules.they are amazing! they're full of torture, weirdness. those freakking rules are supernonsense! tapi yaudahlah ya pasrah aja deh mau gimana lagi..
anyway hope i can reach a great achievement, have a great friends..God bless me as 8 graders :)

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