August 31, 2009

CA$H happy dayss!!! :)

ahh HAPPY MONDAYY fellowss!! i know it's late coz it's 5pm already.ahh so late.but still, happy mondayy everyone! well at least yea it's a happy monday for me!
well yeah 4 days of school holidayy nice huh ? so there's this teacher-training-thingy for today and tuesday. so we're having holiday from saturday til tomorrow :)
anyway tapi emang pastinya kaga bakal afdol rasanya kalo liburan 4 hari tdk dilengkapi oleh pe er2 dari guru2 tercintaa am i right? ya maksutnya ngga afdol for them hahah
ahh pe er nya banyak parah! chinese chemist physics b.indo english and on wednesday, BIO TEST!! fiiuuhh kalo tau begini i prefer to go to school deh..
i had no idea how can i get all of those homeworks done by i called sasa and shelda asked weither they wanted to do the hmworks together at my house.
so they came to my house this morning and well they just went home.
and so we did some of the hmworks already.hmm we did chinese physics and chemist already. at least we did something soalnya td sempet mengalami kesulitan berkonsentrasi karna godaan main pc and watching movies. but yes after we did those hmworks we played pc for while and then we watched Hannah Montana The Movie and 17 Again :)
and we also did something that *terlalu embarrassing utk di publikasikan* :p
hahah anyway they're coming to my house again tomorrow morning to study bio and to do some other unfinished homeworks and hope we can finish them quick coz we're planning to spend entire afternoon doing finger printing artworks, watch movies and do some other things!!

oh yea and we're also going to make sketches of bags designs for each of us.coz we're about to order to my aunt this self-design-bag which will be done by the end of the year..hopefully :)

ah LOVELY! can't wait can't wait can't wait!! tomorrow's going to be extremely fun!! :D

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