September 22, 2009

i'm home alreadyy since evening! and bytheway i've changed and did a total makeover for this blog.changed the layout, add some gadgets and linked some blogs
so this is the new url 
hope you' all like this new face of my blog :)

anyway, i successfully made a good friend of mine, Vito Maldini created a blog for his own. it turns out great, coz his writings make me laugh, goodjob you freak! lol
you can jus click here to visit his blog.

had big family dinner at Chicken Village, kakek nenek, my aunts and uncles are coming and 2 of them are staying at my house tonight, and also grandparents :)

so yeah i am superdouble exhausted. giving up for the day.
night lovelies xxoxoxoxoo <3

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