September 17, 2009

manda, friends. stuffs. and the good good day :)

so this is the first day of lebaran holidayy and Jesus i couldn't ask for anything better.
well i'm finally home after spending the crazzyy day at the mall with Franz, Stella, and Gerard.
at first, our plan was kinda ruined gitu deh berantakan ruwet kacau balau engga jelas.
well last night, sasa phoned me and told me tht she couldn't join us. menyusul, stella told me tht she was run out of money.vito juga ngga jadi
and so i was getting hopeless and moodless -_-

and i was in desperate need of diversion. so i asked stella how if i paid for the movie karna uda kebelet nonton g-force.and finally she decided to go.
and luckily, i didnt need to pay for the movie :p
and once again, i am amazed with this other walt disney' brilliant movie!
i adore adore adore disney so much much much!

anyway td pagi before i went to the mall, i went to school to submit the math book. tapii ah banyak salah, so i fixed all those effingg questions dulu O.o

terus terus after we watched movie, we went j.cooling hahai! we bought 2 couples, i shared with stella and gerard with franz. we talked about everybody and everything.after chitchatting for 1 hour i guess. stella went home, and yea aku cewe sendiri -_-
terus we played at timezone. there we played this game machine, trus pokoknya franz nyangkutin bola yg di game machine itu and we couldn't move the ball back to the place. hoho langsung kabur aja kita! :p then we played the other games, then we went home.
well that's all that we did,, but trust me it was great! and i gotta say:

well sometimes, it's not about how fun the things you're doing. and i do figured out that whatever you do, as long as you're doing it with someone you love,

i'm postively, absolutely,and completely sure
that you'll enjoy the time and you won't regret! :D

anyway off to shower now. going to the airport and pick up momma from aussie :)

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