September 10, 2009


YEY tagihan bb sudah dilunasi!! the bb should be on tonight!! living in stoneage for these 3 days is bad enough. and no need to pay back the rest to my mom.
ah mom you are the best best best!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE you damn much!!! ♥ thankyou thankyou thankyou!

i'm telling you about this annoying girl tht i've told you before

she has more enemies now huh ?
isn't that what she always does ? being such an annoying bitch and all. even her closest friend said so. and COUNT ME IN!
pity her.. she'd once ignored me, we made up already. i thought tht she would learn something since then.but oh well i was damn wrong!! found out she didn't learn anything..
oh Lord forgive me! but all those dirty badwords always pop in my head whenever i think of that person!

so, for you dear, better note this down:
THAT'S HOW YOU'LL END UP IF YOU'RE BEHAVING LIKE A BITCH.yah kalo masi ga sadar2, oh then you're not jus behaving, but YOU ARE!

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