September 25, 2009

bencong bencong bencong (!)

tante and om had all gone back to kendal. and maybe they're still ontheway now. hmm gonna miss them i guess.
anyway i went to pondok indah yesterday. me and mom went shopping at pim while siblings were playing at kidsports.i used to play there when i was like 10, i'm to waaayy to old for that now seriously lol.anyway mom bought me these flower and bow dress.yipppiiyyeay! love you mom always (!)
also had lunch at shabu tei. this time, my brother won. he ate 12 sushi, and i ate 10 only -.- my stomach refused to get even another one of them.

here's the thing, i had some frenchfries at kidsports cafe while waiting for my siblings. and omg omg omg believe it or not, next to me, the table was full with what we called 'bencong' and i was like yatuhan saya trauma pernah dikejar bencong tolong saya *lemas, keringet dingin, merinding* so i quickly asked the waiter to shroud the fries and i directly got out from that creepy place. fiiuuuhhh...
then we went back to rumah nenek :)
sibling were playing *again, like nonstop* while me and mom checking out aunt's closet. and i brought home some of her dresses. she's living in Canada now anyway so yah daripada mubazir, right ? :p
haven't tried them on. hope they're gonna fit me well :)

well gonna off to this new mall called Px Pavilion at this new residence St Moritz at Puri Indah with cousins and oma opa. aunt says the place was cozy, got lots of sofas to sit around with friends, good food, and it's jus must visit!
and i'm gonna shower after this. well i've taken a bath this morning actually, but the weather is so effing hot here, so i decided to wash my hair, get it wet. and gonna wear the new dress to Px aww.. have a fabulous saturday people <3

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