September 17, 2009

WELCOME BACK MOM and all the stuffs :)

WOOPPIE MOM IS HOME!! i was freakingg miss her when she wasn't at home.
she went to aussie for 4 days to do her job thingy. but sadly, i couldn't join bcoz of school :(
and she went home last night. i was kinda upset last night coz i couldn't join dad and my siblings to the airport to pick up mom karna ada les. but upsetness was all paid when she got home.
and she bought me stuffs from aussie:
  • chocolates - she bought me 2 boxes of various kind of chocolates (y)
  • sweets - i'm lovinn' these candies tht shaped like vampire' teeth
  • key chains - the cute kangaroo key chain is mine!!
  • novels: A Wolf at The Table (Augusten Burroughs) and THE WELL (Elizabeth Jolley) - can't wait to read them! but i've to finish Anne of Green Gables and The Host before i read them. oh and they're all best sellers! ♥ you mom!
hmm before she went to aussie, she bought this gorgeous brown coat and she gave it to me coz it doesn't fit her well :)


and to you all fellows, have a nice fridaaayy! xxoxoxoxoxooxooxo :)

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