October 08, 2009


so this post will tell you about this dumbass boy. so anyway my i.s teacher told me to bring my canon to take photos of the presentation project. and yea for sure i took some pics of him too, while he was doing the presentation.and here's a little dopey conversation i had with that brainless boy:

dumbass: eh lo apus semua foto2 gue!
me: orang gila. gue kan disuruh yee... jd cuma menjalankan amanat aja tolong yah!
dumbass: yg foto2 abis gue presentasi kan juga ada, HAPUS TUH SEMUA!
me: eh kunyuk, lo cari sampe mata lo pindah ke pantat juga ngga bakal ada!
(he kept yelling like that and mocked me with some not-so-polite words)

*after i told sasa, kita teriak2 di kelas dgn maksut menyindir (y)*
sasa: eh manda, kalo ngga ada dosa di dunia ini mah aku udah bunuh dia dr kemaren2
me: jangan sa ga seru. kita siksa aja secara fantastis!
*tiba2 si dumbass nyamber*: emang bisa? GUE KAN COWO.LO CEWE (seriously i superduper hate boys who talk like that wanna punch them right in the face, and brake their nose)
me: *dengan emosi sepenuh hati* OH LO COWO STEF? KEMAREN2 GUE KIRA CEWE LOH HAHAHA (!!) *all laughed*

trus dia diem, muahahahhhaaa gue puas (!)
lagian udah GR, nuduh, marah2, salah, ngga malu lagi ! omg lo rendah abis -.-  

anyway, just a lil note for you scatterbrain mindless goofy person;
enjoy tonight.because your future seem to be a pretty fvcking bleak! you better haze away before i kick you away.you should be ashamed of how LOW you act.and sorry i don't talk to you, i don't speak DUMBish. lalala i'm patient enough not to punch you right on your dopey face! GET LOST!go to hell lo sana.

sorry that i used some very bad words here.those are what jus popped out in my head whenever i think of him.. glad i spilled up this much. the mood was a mess and it's getting pretty well right away.. sigh :))

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