November 03, 2009

Rj's mission on earth: accomplished (!)

we had this praying thing this morning for Rj. and seriously i cried a lot.and shelda too
sadly sasa wasn't there to join us crying out loud.i started to cry when mr rico told us about the first time he met Rj in front of school tasha was telling story too.grd 10 were doing slide show they showed us his pics, videos, how he was really enjoying his life. those were truly touching. he was a strong guy. seriously most of the students and teachers in the room were crying for Rj. i flashed back some memories i had with him, the last time i talked to him via msn when he was in phil already. he said he was fine and getting better day by day, he told me how he missed school and friends. i really feel like crying right now, having the fact that he is's hard to believe, well yet i'm sure that he's perfectly fine there in heaven.hope you can read my post from way up there pretty sure you have a really good internet connection up there.coz mine is sucks sometimes :\ send my loves to the big Boss too fine there jayy
we're gonna be missing you here :(

it's so rare to find a friend like you,
somehow when you're around the sky is always blue,
the way we talk,
the things you say,
the way you make it all ok,

Rj you're gonna be missed :)

our handprints for Rj :)

have a great life :)

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