November 18, 2009

need a break..

yesterday was unbelieveable, yet unfotgettable i must say. me and some chosen friends (like 10 or something) were surprised by this competition thing in the morning. ms tasha called us and she explained about this whole American Mathematics Competition thing blablabla and handed out these math papers for us to answer, and from the paper's results 5 of us would be chosen to face the real AMC thing. and we were like eerrrhh what the hell is this. we didn't get to review things, also couldn't use calculator and ugh it was just bananas!  ya pokoknya kita jawab sih sebisa kita aja sih ya, even some we answered based on capcipcup (y)
overall, we simply didn't care about this whole international competition thing. so it was shocking when i found out that i was 1 out of 5 students who were chosen to face the AMC. 
but no, those things aren't that shocking. what shocking, is that THE COMPETITION WAS ACTUALLY AND PRECISELY HELD ON THE SAME DAY. and we were just bother being told few hours back. WHY? oh go and ask my beloved kepsek okay. ngga cuma kita juga lah ya yg kesel kmrn, teachers were upset too. not to mention, that my school was the host of this whole crap. oh how shame! i'm talking about those other schools which had been preparing since like 2 months ago. and we were preparing for like several hours only! amazing isn't it? why didn't they inform us before?? don't ask me why seriously, coz i'm effing wondering 'why' too. please deh ya, mau telat2 juga tuh at least a week dong, or 5 or 3 days before. masa iya cuma few hours before the competition.sinting ngga tuh coba :s
oh and YES, i'm not sure about winning, instead i am sure about losing haha. anyway, me and some friends were discussing about the competition with ms tasha, she said all the competition papers were sent to america already. and we might know the results like 3 months from now.

anyway, i've started packing for singapore! and yayys we'd be going the day after tomorrow. the days going fast and i don't think i'm good enough for the competition thing. hoestly, i've lost my passion and spirit and everything since i learn about this whole do-san thing. it's just damn confusing and because of focusing on this one thing, seriously yg lain tuh jd belepotan errrhh God i need your helpp!! 
anyway have a wonderful thursday  lovelies!

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