December 24, 2009

having a very merry christmas and i can't be happier!

went to plz senayan yesterday terus shopping with mommy sampe kaki teot.metro held this christmas bigg sale yesterday, and only yesterday if i'm not it was fun, and tiring as well :\

anyway mommy bought me these 2 shrots and a tee for bali yayayyaayyy!!! also this ripcurl leather bag and not to mention it's vintage oh i heart it super much! thanks and loves to mommyy! *smooch :p

the baggg ♥

anyway it's christmas today! like, finally.. haha. went to church today for sure then had a super lunch at super kitchen like super yayyys!!! and going to have a big family dinner tonight cousins and grandparents are surely coming too! dhito audi and i were so much excited bout the gifts and we opened our christmas gifts already right after church. love love love them all! and most of them are clothes.and also got a handbag, and this very cute doggy pencil case. thanks to all siblings, mom-dad, and grandparents for the gifts i love you heapss!!! *kisses and huggggss! hope you guys would love the gifts from me as well! 

so yeah i can't hardly wait for the dinner tonight for sure. and i haven't started packing at all for bali and lombok. tho my flight is at 5am tomorrow, i'm just too lazy to get my lazy ass up and get walking to my room sigh :\
okay so see you on the next post peeps! have a wonderful holiday and mewwy chwismas! :)

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens, easing other's loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas. hope this xmas stacks up to be the most fun and joyous ever! merry christmas loves! xxo :) *smooch

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