December 22, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

so rachel was here staying over for a night.we had such super days together! so yesterday, with the Care of Kids Ministry, we both were involved in the voluntary work in this christmas celebration the ministry held in Gedung Olahraga grogol sama ank2 jalanan dr daerah cintraland-kolong jembatan grogol dan sekitar situ lah. never thought that the event would be a blast before.but it surprisingly turned out to be one. 2 words that popped out in my head the first time i saw them were: messy and stinks. but as we got to know each other, wow they're actually nice and friendly, yet polite :) you really shall not judge a book by it's cover. they've proven me so. there were like 200 of them and some of them got chances to do some performances. and there was also a band performing (read: dr komunitas pengamen jalanan). and i should admit that they weren't so bad after all.oh and in the name of the love of god they are all confident! in a good way tho. i saw them all were happily singing, dancing, enjoying the times like it was once in a lifetime. i feel truly touched i should say. there were no complaints in there face. they were just pure, pure happy. i even felt sorry for myself that sometimes i still don't get satisfied with this wonderful life God has given me.and some of them also gave me this painting and argh it's beautiful no kidding! anyway, i just can't wait for the next event i'd be happily volunteer myself up! :)

so it's mother's day dhito and i were thinking to give a surprise to mom but it was cancelled somehow.and sadly mom got to go to surabaya today so sadly we couldn't see her this morning. but we still greeted her via sms anyway :) and oh sister and cousins were playing at kidsports again today whilst me and rachel were off to pim. grabbed a lunch there and i was looking for xmas gifts for dhito and audi. got them each already :) then we stopped for froyo it's heavenly blush, and yea yea it was heavenly delicious! :)

and wow christmas is just 3 days ahead and i just can't hardly wait!! anyway going to meet cousin bryan tomorrow he's coming home from aussie yay! so well i haven't actually met him before.well mom said that i once met him when i was still like 3 before he moved out to aussie so yeah i obviously forgot! gee i can't wait ehehhehe :p
so that's all for the day! have a nice vacation loves, ciao! and bytheway..

happy mom's day!! i can't explain how much i love her.i heart my mommy always and i love her just the way she is.she's been through a lot especially taking care of her 3 silly kiddos, ehehhe that must've been hard.anyway love you heaps mom xxoxoxo :)

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