December 11, 2009

love the love you have :)

anyway went to stema bsd indiefest event today with sasa,shelda,winnie,jason.a, and arby.we were chosen to present the school to join this 'membatik and photography competition yeah i obviously wanted to join the photography one, and what could i do? i was kicked out from the photography class and oh please, don't ask me why --' we were kinda upset that we couldn't join the sport carnival today as the games were totalllyyy FUN! water balloon dan segala maenan are but yeah i simply couldn't join.but didn't regret joining this workshop and competition tho, i mean it was fun, too.and experiencing a lot! :) the process was yes, hard and very very ribet. but back then, it was our first right? well it wasn't actually the first for me as i've did some batik-making before.tapi ga pernah gambar sendiri, sketch sendiri, dan ga seribet kyk tadi. so it gave me some new experiences to. tapi yah gimana terima nasib aja punya gue ancur and btw congrats to shelda whom the result got chosen for the top 10! so proud of you girl! anyway we learned a lot.gonna take some pics of my screwed-batik result then upload 'em here soon :)
had been forcing mr lauren so harrddd, but finally we happened to had lunch at yeah manda norak baru kali pertama kesana and the place is so cozyy i should say.anyway had lunch at wendys and bought some sweets before we went back to school.dan sampe di sekolah, kita disambut sama this gajelas-marketing-meeting explaining us about something that i didn't know, didn't hear, and didn't care.
phew having IDU Camp at Puncak from monday til tue.have a feeling that the camp is going to be a blast! can't hardly wait ugh.anyway had been editing photos these past few days.they're below, enjoy! :)

love this one best! ♥

anyway happy birthday to RJ Caras! kinda late actually it was yesterday! i'm sure you're having a big time up there, with all the angels and the saints! always rest peacefully, and send my loves to the BigBoss dude miss ya! :)

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