December 31, 2009

old and new.

ALOHA I AM BACKK PWEEPSS! been missing my blog a lot since i couldn't post while i was there.
it's glad to be home for sure! yet i kinda sad that the trip has finally ended, which means, school is not so long away :/ but oh well been missing my fellas alrd anyway :)
and wow NYE is just around the corner ppl! 2010 is here in few mins, then 2009 will sure be memories.hoping everything will be fine and even better in 2010 and of course a better me! :) time flies so fast sometimes, it does haha. anyway, i'm sure gonna make a post, okay a LONG one about my trip, but later on as soon as i got times.
so yeah dhito audi and i we've been missing this boy we met in novotel bali.he's shawn frm perth. i guess we were swimming with him for like 5hrs back then, and we wouldn't get out frm the pool unless my mom showed up and told us how silly we were.well yeah, i gotta say swimming for 5hrs is kinda silly and damn i got burnt like hell! ah okay whatsoever idontcare. and these other 3 kids, ethan cassie and ferschia. well okay gotta end my post now, still have few things to unpacked gee i'm fweekingg lazyyy!! pff yea tell me bout it! hopefully i could get less-lazy next year lol.

okay so this is going to be my very last post on 2009 anyway :p so i wish you all very wonderful times in this very last day of 2009, and a great blessed start tomorrow.let's rock the yearrr babies!!!

The year end brings no greater pleasure then the opportunity to express to you a season's greetings and good wishes. May your new year be filled with joy. Warmest wishes for the year ahead. Hope every moment of the coming year is something to celebrate! Wishing you happiness for the rest of the year and layers and layers of fun! :D

hugs and kisses.amanda! :)

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