February 19, 2010

the amazing Kaitlyn Maher! love love love ♥

Kaitlyn Maher is a five year old girl who has already endeared herself to millions across America and around the world with her singing.  When she was only four years old, her pure voice, cute smile, and infectious personality propelled her over hundreds of thousands of contestants to become the youngest person ever to make it into the Top 10 as a Finalist on NBC’s hit show, America’s Got Talent.
Maher began her career on the third season of the American television reality show America's Got Talent when she reached the top ten. Producers from the show first became aware of Maher from a video that was uploaded to the popular video sharing website Youtube. The video had been made after she had been asked to sing at a birthday party. Five months after the video had been made, Maher's parents received a call from NBC's America's Got Talent asking if Maher would be able to audition for the third season. Since her auspicious debut, Kaitlyn has continued to capture hearts through her prolific performances.
She was a featured performer on both the Today Show and Access Hollywood, she has appeared in People magazine as well as major newspapers, magazines, television interviews, and websites around the world.  Yahoo.com even selected Kaitlyn as one of the Top 10 Best Moments of Reality TV.  In addition, Kaitlyn was selected by Disney to be the lead actress in an upcoming movie, The Search for Santa Paws, currently scheduled for release November 2010.  She is currently in Vancouver, Canada filming.
Through it all, Kaitlyn still enjoys being a kid.  In addition to being homeschooled, she is actively involved in ballet, swimming, her church, AWANA club, and singing at a local nursing home.  She admittedly loves to read (at a 4th grade level) and particularly enjoys “smothering” her baby brother with kisses!

isn't she a cutie?????


and her album
"You Were Meant To Be"


"to bless people and to make them happy"
-Kaitlyn Maher

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