April 04, 2010

home sweet home ♥

GLAD TO BE HOME! it's been days since my last post.i was enjoying my last days of easter break in singapore with the whole family.it was a blast! we stayed at novotel clarkequay and went to some places there.i was planning to meet mr kc tan and his family and also kevin, my mate from primary school.but they were all cancelled.turned out we didn't have times to do so.however, we're supposed to go to church everyday started from last thrusday.but well, things happened scuttled the plan.i feel so bad i wanna cry :( God, i need you forgiveness badly! i accept whatever punishments are given :(
anyway im surely going to upload the vacation photos as soon as i got all the photos in the laptop! :)

once again,
HAPPY EASTER FOLKS! :) joy is all around! let us all celebrate the resurrection of Christ by being a better person and learn from our mistakes, as our sins had been washed away! such a relieved! be blessed all! :D

hugs and kisses.

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