December 22, 2010

decking the halls.

do you agree that life is a cycle, or in other words, a series of events repeating themselves in a sequence? well, i could not really argue with that statement, but i keenly believe that some events are meant to happen just once. some things, like chances, they only come once in a while. some feelings are meant to be one of a kind. although i am more familiar with the idea that the future is what we should always go after, i know that no matter how beautiful my future is going to be, it is still dark at the moment, and i am still living in the present as of now. Though I wish you'd be part of it.  i believe that there are some things that won't occur ever again, people that won't show up again, and opportunities that won't approach me again, which is why when the present feels so sweet, i secretly wish for time to freeze, so that i'd be able to preserve that moment, that feeling, and that kind of person that i am. or was.

It's Christmas in 3 days, 

hugs and kisses.

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