October 06, 2011

bonjour le aime.

Big shocker, the little lady is back.

Thanks to my one and only adorable darling and friends who really convinced me to start writing again, I realized how I have missed this homepage so damn. I haven't gotten a very supporting internet service ever since I moved to the new home, but pretty soon I will.

First of all, it is honestly very awkward for me to start blogging again, since I have no idea where to start and the journal have missed everything since my last post which was my 15th birthday. I owe one massive apology for you all, dear loveliest followers.

To start off, I'm still me, no major changes. Still and will always be daddy's little princess, spills and writes whatever pops up in mind, a cam-nerd, loves pasta and hates broccoli more than anything in the world. Still the same little lady you used to love, but doing pretty well with eating chili nowadays :)

hugs and kisses.

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