March 28, 2012

a peek to the past and a step forward

March 27th,

loved the day for getting kisses from mom and dad, brother and sister and wonderful wishes from my girls and friends. Finally turned 16 yesterday. God am I blessed. It was school night so didn't have the chance to hang out late and celebrate with my friends like I'd love to, but I already did have something planned out for next week.
I was printing out some pictures and found myself looking through the ones from my birthday, which was exactly a year ago. Boy, did time fly. I decided to take a brief moment with myself, looking back to the girl I was and will never be again. I mean, I'm still me, just hopefully more mature and not as young.

Finally to say, thank you for those warm wishes and may blessings eternally be with you. It's been a year full of roller-coaster rides with all the ups and downs. But hey that's life and those imperfections are exactly what made us the person we are today. Last but not least, wishing myself a joyful and fabulous year ahead and to live life to the fullest. Happy sweet 16 to self! :)

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